Management Clubs

Management Clubs

Aim:“Inculcating Management Skill among Budding Managers”
Faculty of Management has four clubs named :- 
  1. Marketing Clubs 
  2. Human Resource Club
  3. Finance Club
  4. Entrepreneurship Club 
Marketing Club :- 
Marketing Club organized following activities in Even Semester of 2014
  1. Anti Drug Campaign at Jhanjeri Village
  2. Industrial Visit to Coca Cola 
  3. Industrial Visit to Times of India 
  4. “Crusader-14”- An Intercollege Competition
  5. Guest Lecture by Mr. Amar Pal Singh on “Marketing Strategies  on Telecom Sector”  
Human Resource Club 
HR Club organized following activities :- 
  1. Industrial visit to Swaraj Plant  (Now Mahindra and Mahindra) to understand the labor issues.
  2. Guest Lecture  
  3. Declamation Contest 
Finance Club: 
Finance Club organized following activities:- 
  1. Industrial visit to Embross Auto (Baddi )on Production and Operation Management , 
  2. Business Quiz, 
  3. National Conference titled (Srijan-14) in association with PTU
  4. MDP Programme in Association with Ministry of  MSME for all the students of MBA   
Entrepreneurship Club 
  1. This Club was launched at the Management Fest and at fest it test marketed its new product named “Pittoz” among students 
Brief of Activities organized by Management Clubs
 An Inter Departmental declamation Contest was arranged at CGCTC, Jhanjeri  on 4th September,2013. The topics for declamation were:
  • Women Empowerment
  • Arguments in favour and against Chinese Producs.
  • Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.
  • Education and Success are complimentary or not.
Students took part in the declamation contest with zeal and enthusiasm and presented their arguments in very convincing manner. They enchanted the audience and spellbound them with their eloquence. Shaifa student of BBA Ist year got first position, Mandatta Singh student of MBA IInd year  got second position and Deepak of ECE department got third position. The debaters stressed upon the issues of women empowerment, crime against women, how Chinese products are affecting Indian Economy. Director General CGCTC Dr.G D Bansal, Principal Sir and HODs of respective departments gave away prizes to position holders and encouraged them to take part in extra-curricular activities for harmonious growth of personalities. Dr.G D Bansal appreciated the efforts of teachers to provide an environment to the students wherein they are delivering very good speeches. He asked the students to work hard to excel in the academics and play various games for physical fitness because healthy mind grows in healthy body.
Crusader’14 Management Fest by CGCTC,Jjanjeri-Faculty of Management  has been at the forefront of conducting innovative events & attracting the best participants. This has been a nurturing ground for talent & ideas & the trend will continue to grow year by year. This year witnessed a participation of 10 colleges from both commerce and management streams.
The list of participating colleges:
CBS, Landran, Chandigarh Univerity, Gharuan, SUS, Tangori, SGGS College, Chandigarh, S.D.College, Chandigarh, D.A.V. College, Chandigarh, Rayat Bahra Group of Institutes, , Continental Group of Colleges, Jalwera, Sukhmani Group of Colleges, Derabassi, MCMDAV, Chandigarh
List of Events
Biz Angle, Biz Battle, Ad-Diction, Management Maestro (Case Study Analysis), Panel Discussion, Being Noble (Campaign for a Cause), Colour Your Thoughts (Poster Making), New Look (Face Painting), Whats Ur Story, Best out of Waste, Mish-Mash (Collage Making), Splash
Uniqueness of each event
  • The teams were awarded points for being original and creative.
  • The participants were provided with innovative topics as their prelim reports.
  • They had to come out with ways of marketing for products which  are considered social taboo.
  • The participants were tested on their communication skills by putting them through rigorous impromptu rounds.
  • They were also expected to face a barrage of questions in each round by experts.
  • At the end of which the participants who pitched in their ideas and communicated it well took home the trophy
  • The prize ceremony was hosted at CGCTC Campus. Prizes and Certificates were awarded by President Sir,Director General Sir and Principal Sir.
  • Vote of thanks and motivational speech was given by Dr. Vivek Mittal, Dean and Mr.Adarsh Kumar Aggarwal HOD Faculty of Management.
The event was flagged on by the Principal of the CGC Dr. Ashwani Sharma. He started the campaign by giving his precious wishes and Guidelines to the students, In his inaugural speech he said that India is the youngest nation of the world and its biggest strength is its young people. But a few people are converting our strength into weakness by spreading the fatal disease called “Drug” in the veins of our young people.
The Director General Dr. Bansal said that at the early age parents should talk to their wards, they should take interest in the carreer of their children, they should give them a reason to live. This will motivate them to go for constructive work instead of destructive work.
After inauguration students went to the village Jhanjeri.  There they were divided into four groups and they approached the houses in the village. They discussed with them about the problem of Drug abuse in their home. Villagers gave very vital information to the students about reasons of drug abuse.
Villagers said that counselling sessions should be organized for the kids of the villages at village itself. They also said that proper guidance and sports facilities can help their children to keep distance from drugs.
At evening all the villagers assembled at the temple along with the faculty of Management CGC Jhanjeri Ms. Prabhjot told and discussed various means to eradicate the problem of drug abuse. She also discussed that CGC Jhangeri will help the village Jhanjeri in all its efforts to eradicate the drug abuse. In the last  all the people present took oath to do everything to finish this problem.
On 18th February,2014, the department of management studies ,CGCTC Jhanjeri organized an industrial visit for students of MBA  IInd and IVth  Semester who were accompanied by two of the faculties of the department. The visit was to the Coca cola plant, situated in Nabipur,Punjab 
The visit started in the early hours by the college bus. The group was taken to the training hall first and foremost as soon as reaching the plant. Within the industry premises Mr. Amit Raj took charge and had taken the group to the plant around noon and briefed up with the introduction about the plant as well as the number of production lines. The beverages they produce are Thumbs Up, Maaza, Sprite, Fanta, Coke and Kinley. The production lines are separate for Maaza and water. Mr. Amit Raj also mentioned about every activity happening in the plant like washing of bottles, filling, capping, labeling and packaging. He also answered the queries of the students regarding marketing and manufacturing. 
The plant is fully automated. Students were amazed at the speed at which the process occurred and how the automated systems could work according to the requirements. The manufacturing process adopted by them is batch process. The visit concluded by the afternoon. The industrial visit to Coca-cola was an enriching experience for students in getting live exposure of manufacturing which can help them in their internships and further career enhancements.
On 8TH October,2013 the department of management studies ,CGCTC Jhanjeri had organized an industrial visit for students of MBA  IInd and IVth  Semester who were accompanied by two of the faculties of the department.The visit was to Times of India,Chandigarh.
The times of India is a newspaper publishing press under Bennett & Coleman that caters the needs of whole state of Chandigarh. We first gathered in class room at 3:20 p.m., took the attendance of students and then we went for visit. We arrived at Times of India around 4:00 p.m. After that, we were moving in to the times of India press with Mr. Kiran Shanbhag. He is working as Market development head in Times of India. In times of India press, there are two types of machines. The old machines are used for business papers & new machines are used for general newspaper. Digital instructions are given to the machines for printing.The old machines have the capacity of around 14000 copies per hour. And the new machines have the capacity of 35000 copies per hour. Out of there whole revenue 10% comes of them they earn from distribution of papers & rest 90% from sharing space in the newspaper for advertisement.
The management  students of CGCTC, Jhanjeri had been to an Industrial tour to  Mahindra & Mahindra (Swaraj PTL Divison), Mohali on 20th March’2014. The Swaraj brand has a rich history emerging from the spike in the demand for tractors during the Green Revolution of the mid-sixties.  Punjab Tractors Ltd (PTL) purchased the design in 1970, and they inherited nearly forty years of experience when they acquired PTL in 2008. In addition to strong presence in India, Swaraj tractors are used across the world in the US, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Ghana. In each region they enter, seek to provide farmers with tractors and implements precisely suited to their agricultural conditions, helping them maximize their prosperity. 
Around 80 students accompanied by 3 Faculty members had been a part of this enriching experience. The students had got an opportunity to see and learn about the different range of tractors starts from 22 HP to 72 HP, and also compatible wheel-type and track-type harvesters. Our students learnt about tractor models which were developed by their own R&D. The students were also instructed by the staff members of Swaraj Division.
MDP PROGRAMME (Organized in association with Ministry of MSME)
Faculty of Management of CCG Technical Campus, Jhanjeri in association with  organized 5 Day Management Development Program on E-Marketing from January 20th-24th,2014.MDP is a program designed to provide students and graduates with the training and experience they need to become future  business leaders. The program gives students opportunities to gain practical management experience and learn valuable skills through different franchise options. On the first day of programme lectures on introduction to internet and E-marketing and Basics including Business Assessment was given. In the following days lectures on Micro Finance and Venture Capital,Building ,promoting and managing Website ,product creation and development ,Online Marketing and monetizing your customer were given. The lectures were delivered by knowledgeable and experienced faculty from different colleges.
One day Business Quiz was organized by Faculty of Management CGCTC,Jhanjeri on . The quiz had provided a unique and exciting platform for students to encourage their thinking skills as they are preparing themselves to become future managers. The quiz was open for all undergraduate and post graduate students. The questions were based on Indian / International business, Indian culture & tourism, general awareness, current affairs, media & entertainment, history, geography, sports, science and technology. It was a tough fight amongst the participating teams.Members of the winning team of the quiz Ms Ishminder Kaur, Ankush Sharma and Jagtar Singh were felicitated by S.Rashpal Singh Dhaliwal,President,CGCTC,Jhanjeri,Dr.G D Bansal Director General and Dr.Ashwani Kumar,Principal CGCTC Jhanjeri.